Mill Valley couple to raise awareness about rhino poaching through mountain bike race

JoBerg2C: Day 1
Can you say MUD? We have never seen so much mud…
To read the full post: J2C Blog Post: Day 1

Many Thanks to those who contributed to the RhinoArt fundraising and to those who supported us along the way.
Your names are typically listed as displayed as you input them on the donation page – please email if you would like it to change.

Robbyn McGill
Mark Dexter
Walter Punsapy
Tom Boss
Marble Party
B. Golden
D Lyle Marin
Katherine + Bobby Alvarez
Ruth Shea
Lisa Cantanzaro
Melissa + Andres Martin
Arlene + Roger Hovey
Lindsey + Ken Kaufmann
Leigh Threlkel
Anthony Moore
Mary Thorsen
Elizabeth Merrill
M Jager
Marnie + Michael Serafin
S E Bliss

Shoey 22
Johnathan + Diane Stockley
Allison + Bill Doughty
Dawn E Chandler
Sylvia S Walters
L Hunter + J Marshall
C Bianchi
S Belau
Domenique Buxton
Ali Ivmark
TP Yarish
Michael + Julie Baroni
Kiwi Plumbing
Jeff + Kim Mroczkowski
Pam McLaughlin
Imin Yeh + Paul Mullins
Jennifer Birch
Denise Montgomery
Jen Stone
Kathleen Mozena + Marc Bammatter

Miranda + Francois Fontaine
Sylvia Bedor
Bronwyn Baylor
Kit + Nada
Linda + Greg Nunes
Paulette Trinh
Molly Gordon
Tim Yarish
Jessica Lott
Lisa Cantanzaro
Sylvia Walters
Michelle, Jonus + Stella Lutz
Sharon Spain
Green Planet Films
Saskia Jorda + Victory Sidy
Jennifer + Fred Martin
Julia Courtright
Tiffany Schmierer + Fraser
Jodie Dozono
Michael Namkung
Susam Belau
and the anonymous donors

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JoBerg2C Posts

During the ride we will be posting here and to our Facebook page:

We have new writing to do – older posts include:

Charlie’s BG Fit account

Karrie riding at Brush Creek Resort in Wyoming.

And photos from the MCBC Dirt Fondo

Other Posts

Many thanks to Osmo Nutrition for their support of our trip to JoBerg2C. Their products really make a difference and will help us through our 9 day ride.

We will be wearing Equator Coffee kits in the JoBerg2C. They have a great story. I will be posting more about Equator soon but until I do.

Karrie has been accepted into the Vanderkitten VIP Program. Vanderkitten’s mission is to promote equality for women in athletics (and they have cool Vanderkitten gear):

We at 3RingCircus have teamed up with 12Hours and RhinoArt for JoBerg2C.
These are 2 awesome organizations working tirelessly to save rhinos in the wild and to educate the next generation about these magnificent creatures.

The campaign has concluded but the need still exists – Please help if you can – Donate here