This little piggy went to the market

Right now, I am loving these socks: Injinji 2012 Performance Midweight Mini Crew Toe Socks

My long pink toes look absolutely ridiculous in them but I don’t care.

I love them because:

They keep my toes from rubbing against one another and blistering when my feet get hot, swell or sweat.

Speaking of sweat – my feet stay dry.

And speaking of hot – I have not noticed my feet getting hot, but I haven’t experienced them being cold either which is typically a chronic condition for my feet.

They stay up – what is worse than your sock sliding down into the back of your shoe.

I can wear flipflops with them – my preferred post run, ride, work shoe.

They are cushiony without being bulky.

Oddly – I like my bizarrely long toes.
Major con – the color and that the company’s website is annoying to use. Buy them on amazon; they are cheaper there anyway.

A big thank you goes out to Dea for gifting a pair of these to me. She is a runner and wears the toe sneakers and swears by these socks. She is so in love with them, she started buying them for friends to convert them so that the company would continue to make the socks. Consider me converted. Smartwool – you have been knocked out of position 1.