Specialized and Mikes Bikes Women’s Rally

5 December 2014
Mike’s Bikes, Pleasanton, CA

sums up everything about the Rally day.

The day began early with caffeine supplied by Equator Coffee at the Mikes Bikes Pleasanton location. There was a full house and they did not waste any time before we got right to sharing experiences and information.

Dana Martin moderated the first panel discussion. Robin Farina is a pro cyclist and founder of the Women’s Cycling Association. Robin shared her road racing experience, the contributions of the WCA and how to ride safely in a group. Anneke Beerten is an enduro racer sponsored by Specialized. She discussed her experiences riding professionally and training for riding enduro. Vanessa Hauswald touched on motivating new riders. She rides for Juliana and is the director of NorCal. Specialized fit specialist, Julie Bates discussed the philosophy, science and research behind the Body Geometry program developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt. Lisa Hunt of Osmo shared the gender specific nutritional needs of women athletes.

Images are all from the Mike’s Bikes Flickr page

I think one of the most important things I took away from the day was that a bike should not hurt! Cycling is not synonymous with pain. You do not experience pain on your bike if you have a proper fit. I have since had my first appointment for a custom BG fit on my new bike. We still have a number of adjustments to make but I can already feel the differences. The pain caused by my saddle has disappeared and I am no longer experience numbness in my feet and hands.

A highlight of the day was going on a group ride with the ladies attending the event. Many thanks go out to Specialized for showing up with a fleet of bikes for us to try out. All the latest high-end rides were ready to be ridden by whomever reserved one in advance.

I have to say it really is empowering to be surrounded by strong, confident, tough women who ride. It was also fun to chat with Annika on the trail. I love that she started her cycling career at age 4 as a bmx racer in the Netherlands – the Dutch are nearly born on their bicycles.

After a quick lunch, the distribution of lots and lots of swag, we were back at it with more discussion of how to get more women out riding, how to break down the barriers to entry, how to create camaraderie, increase awareness of women’s specific gear and equipment and how to spread the word of opportunities for women in the biking community.

The Women’s Rally was a great start, with lots of energy, and lots information – Let’s keep it going!

All and all a great day!

Hey and if you missed this event – There is another scheduled of March 8th in Los Gatos. Check the Mikes Bikes site for details.