Joberg2c – Day 0

Today’s update JoBerg2C update: Day 0
The adventure begins…
36 hours & 2 giraffe sightings after leaving Marin we had the bikes boxes dropped off, the bikes blessed by the mechanics @ Trinity Cycles, Karrie & I were dropped off at the hotel across the street from the registration site with what seems like a boatload of gear. The flights went well as they were pretty empty and we managed to get 2 or 3 seats to lie down on for both flights.
Charl @ Trinity seemed to think that the bikes would be good for the event and praised the setup by Jack Pryon & crew @ Mikes Bikes in Sausalito.
We spent the next few days touring some amazing gallery spaces, catching up with a few of Karrie’s SA friends, getting situated with SIM cards/etc. and sorting out gear as the hotel started filling up with fit looking people with bike boxes and huge suitcases, speaking many different languages. (100 of the riders are from 20 different countries.)
Today we picked up registration packets, gear bags and our 12Hour kits. The numbers  (Karrie is 52A and I am 52B) are on the bikes and the bikes are on the truck to the start line.


Tonight is the pre-race meeting and an early bedtime as we catch the shuttle to the start at 5:30 sharp, kitted and ready.
It’s big, it’s real and I’m somewhere between nervous and flat out scared.
Here is the URL to follow us:
They will have daily updates that you can sign up for or just go to the site and you can follow where we are live on the course by putting in our numbers.
Wish us luck. – C

A big thanks goes out to everyone along the way that made this all happen.

(Karrie’s Tip – flying internationally with bikes – Virgin Atlantic is the airline to book – bikes check as normal baggage. Of course our bikes were overweight so we got a 60$ hit each but that is nothing in comparison to the charges on other airlines.)


Day 0 from Karrie
Just back from the pre-ride meeting – and burr is it cold and windy out there. Glad that our nights will be warmer once we drop in elevation. I am definitely glad that I packed my down vest, my down coat, my snowboarding first layer and a couple hats. I may just be wearing it all when I tuck into my sleeping bag tomorrow evening.


The event kicked off with a few songs performed by a local choir group. The marketing director from Old Mutual (the events main sponsor) then gave a rather inspirational talk to the group celebrating the 21 years of democracy in South Africa while also acknowledging the recent xenophobic events that the country has recently experienced. He urged that we all treasure the democracy we have. He also emphasized the charity and community aspects of the race and specifically mentioned 12 Hours (the team we are riding with).
The crowd was celebratory – although the lightening in the distance, the high winds and the early departure time curbed a bit of the comradery that one might expect but all and all you could feel the energy.
Tomorrow is the infamous Vaal Water crossing. Really hoping to not take a plunge in to the water. It’s a 116k neutral stage so a good warm-up for the race days to come. Nervous and excited.