“A crappy start to my bio – I’ll figure out a better flow.” – cam

I learned to ride a bike with my little sister by leaning an older sister’s huge bike up against a stucco wall and climbing on.

Our feet could only touch the pedals halfway through the stroke so we caught the pedals at the top of the stroke and pushed as long as we could touch them.

Dismounts involved attempting to slow down and stop close enough to the wall to lean and get off without hitting the wall with the grip and getting smeared down the rough wall . Success was rare. Scrapes and laughter were common.

After we got the hang of it our mother would rent bikes at the Stanyon Street Cyclery in SF on Saturdays and we would ride all over golden gate park.

One awesome Christmas my little sister and I got our own bikes.

Mine was a purple Huffy Dragster 3 with a silver metallic banana seat and a T-bar shifter. Hers was white with handlebar streamers.

We rode all over the Presidio. Julias Kahn, Lands End, Palace of Fine Arts and the beaches at Crissy Field and the Marina. Every day was an adventure and a race to get there.

We moved to Mill Valley in Marin County in the early 1970s and Mom got me a root beer brown schwinn varsity with stem shifters (and my first bike lock) to get to 6th grade class. We lived up one of the big hills in Mill Valley just off the Old Railroad Grade and I got pretty good at climbing.

I was too young to know about the Mt. bike revolution happening then but I knew I liked bikes and dirt.

Some weekends Mom would drive a few friends and I to the top of Mt Tam in her Ford Turino wagon and drop us off. A few trips down Eldridge on the varsity led back to stingray frames with 2-speed kickback hubs and countless hours chasing each other around moto-x tracks in Old Mill Park.

I ran cross county all through middle and high school and returned to cycling in college as my main mode of transport and entertainment.

Back in Marin I got my first real “Mt Bike”, a rigid steel frame Specialized and rode it constantly. My running friends and I had all switched over and we rode all over Marin as all but a few trails were legal at that time.

We still ride most weekends and seem to be spending more time exploring the Sierras for single track adventures.

I commute from Mill Valley to SF by bike. I call my morning commute over the Golden Gate Bridge “Happy Hour”.

Happy Hour

I like to name my bikes.

The current fleet includes; Tuesday, Milo, Eduardo, Rosebud, Clyde the glide ride green frog, and Cricket.