JoBerg2C – Day 0
The adventure begins…
The energy level is high, anxious to get this adventure underway but first there is the checkin and pre-ride events. More

pre-ride pedaling

JoBerg2C – Day 1
… and away we go
Our first early morning we board the buses and head to the starting line. The pouring rain driving to the start did not bode well for an easy day of riding. The fun begins. More


JoBerg2C – Day 2
Time counts, unfortunately crashes hurt
This is the first day that our finish time and place actually mattered. Unfortunately, Karrie’s crash in the first 10-15k guaranteed a sad sad finishing. More


JoBerg2C – Day 3
The wonderful conclusion to a day of riding – Mount Paul!
Today we passed a lion reserve. Charlie stopped for the photo-op, I pedaled through. It was on a climb and I knew I had a hard day ahead of me and I didn’t know how my shoulder was going to hold up.
JoBerg2C – Day 3 – Hear them Roar and me whine. More

Made it to the top of that single track climb

Made it to the top of that single track climb

JoBerg2C – Day 4
This was “THE” day for me. By no means was it an easy day but gosh was it beautiful. Definitely take the time to watch the footage the JoBerg2C team shot at the end of our post.


JoBerg2C – Day 5
Up, Up, Up we go – it was a day of traversing, climbing and rapidly changing landscapes. The day started and ended in very different locations.


JoBeg2C – Day 6
We worked hard today – thankfully we are accustomed to long, steep climbs and loose, rocky descents because that was what Day 6 was about. Oh, and a river crossing or 2 while we were in the Valley of Death.


JoBeg2C – Day 7
Lots and lots of fun single track riding – This might have been my second favorite day. The morning reminded me of riding in California and the afternoon in Vermont. In other words, it felt like home. More


JoBeg2C – Day 8
The day we have been waiting for… the 20k singletrack descent into the Umkomaas River Valley and the beautiful ride through the valley. More


JoBeg2C – Day 9
Practically a walk in the park – 84k to go until we hit the ocean! More


Pro Pics
taken by Jetline Action Photos More