Hiking in Tahoe

If we believe in what you do and you believe in what we do, let’s connect.

If you are a good company that believes in doing things the right way, treating people well, making quality products, and being kind to the planet then we have common ground. We will wear your gear, review your products, roll your tires, eat your snacks, promote your cause, and introduce your brand to an international market that spends a whole lot of jack on being healthy and riding bicycles.

Seriously, all joking aside, we are looking for sponsorship for our participation in Joberg2C, April 2015.

We are investing a tremendous amount of money and even more time in training for this “once in a lifetime” trip to ride 900 kilometers through the wilds and mountains of South Africa. We need new bikes, shipping cases, gps cycling computers, riding clothing, tires, tools, camping gear, flights, etc. to make this trip happen.

Sponsor Us — we, and people like us, are your target market.
We are not the 20 year old pro-riders that will win this race but we are the market that spends all our spare time and spare cash on bikes, clothing, gear, cycling events (when we are not spending it on surf trips and back country snowboard equipment.).

Karrie is a 40-something professional installation artist, who’s work is concerned with the impact humans have on other species and the environment.

Check out her work at: www.karriehovey.com

Charles is a 50-something Senior Computer Engineer for Netpulse. Netpulse is a computer software company dedicated to “the evolution of fitness equipment”.

We care about living a healthy life, we commute by bicycle (and when we don’t, we drive a Fiat 500e), we eat organic, we volunteer and donate to non-profits.

If you are interested in talking with us, please email: info@3ringcircus.us