We are a posse of avid bike lovers who travel throughout Northern California
riding wherever, whenever and however we can.
– but –
We don’t take ourselves too seriously – it’s all about who is having the most fun.
– and –
We are having fun!

3ringcircus.us is where we will chronicle our adventures, offer opinions, talk about training, give opinions about things we try, set goals, post photos of the places we go, tell you about the products we like, endorse brands that think differently, and make you envious of upcoming rides and basically cover anything and everything bike.
I would describe us to be like most of you out there who find their way to 3ringcircus – avid amateurs.
We commute by bike
We have a bike for every purpose (often multiples – bike storage is a problem)
The trainer is in the living room – in the summer it is a hanger, in the winter it is a best friend.

If we can get somewhere by bike we do.
We have the “right” equipment but we are not geeky gearheads and we are definitely not butterflies (no offense, we know some of you love fluttering around in matching outfits – but it’s just not us)

Follow us – or not – Fun is the goal, Fitness is the objective.