This is a list of links to the brands, shops, services, organizations, products that we have mentioned on the site.

Top spot on the link list goes to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.
They are the best!
They work hard for the cycling community – access, education, safety, service, on road and off road advocacy, planning and FUN. They are tireless (and no, no pun intended) in their dedication to riding in Marin.
Become a member, volunteer, and participate.

Marin County Bicycle Coalition
I like them so much they get the second spot too!

Calstar Sign up today.

Golden Gate Recreational Area
They deserve mention just for giving off-road, trail riders access to the park. Thank you

People for Bikes
People for Bikes connects cyclists to their biking community, is a hub for bicycling information, and they advocate locally and nationally for better funding, laws and policies for cyclists.

Mike’s Bikes for Africa
Mike’s Bikes has coordinated the donation and transportation of more than 10,000 bicycles from California to developing villages in Africa.
From their site: “The most efficient mode of transport ever created, the bicycle is an ecologically and fiscally sustainable vehicle that can provide freedom, mobility and positive change in the lives of people who need it most. Because of this belief, Mike’s Bikes has undertaken projects that are helping to put bicycles directly into the hands of people in developing Africa."

Mike’s Bikes
I have a whole post of why I love Mike’s Bikes and why Mike’s is my go to shop.

Equator Coffee
Who’s day doesn’t start with a cup of coffee? Equator not only makes a great cup of coffee, they also do great things like save tigers and support the local cycling community.

Organized Road Rides
The Death Ride
Up for a challenge – check this one out! 15k of climbing, 5 mountain passes and 129 miles of pedaling. Charlie, Marc and I took this challenge on this summer and we can all proudly sport the ugliest ride jersey ever designed. You can bet – I will be sporting that one once it arrives.

Marin Century
A local favorite. This ride offers options for every ability and fitness level. We have ridden in the Metric, the full century and the Mt. Tam Century. All options take you through the beautiful countryside of Marin County.

Mt. Tam Hill Climb
I am not sure if this one is running this year but it is basically a sprint from Stintson Beach up the Bolinas/Fairfax road and across the ridge to Rock Springs. Race is organized by Golden Gate Velo.

Organized Off Road Rides
Marin Dirt Fondo
Organized by MCBC this ride runs every September and covers Southern Marin. It is one fun ride. They offer a couple turn around points but I recommending going for the whole 47 miles.

Joberg2C is the reason this whole blog began. There is a whole section of the site devoted to this ride.

Places to Ride
FUN! Pick up your day pass at a bike shop in Fairfax.

Wilder Ranch
A good way to spend a few hours in Santa Cruz.

Flume Trail

The most beautiful ride in Lake Tahoe.

China Camp State Park
Local, legal single track, but pretty busy on weekends.

Spearhead Bicycle Excellence
Rob has provided us with endless advice on bikes. We consult with him on all of our bike purchases. He is independent so isn’t under the influence of the shop inventory or a manufacturer. His shop is conveniently located just off the highway in San Rafael.

Gear & Products
Osprey Packs
Clif Bar
Pro Bar
Lara Bar Uber
Mio Heart Rate Monitors
Injinji Socks

Non-cycling organizations that I care about
12 Hours